February 7 – 2015 Global Human Trafficking Conference


With the number of slaves globally skyrocketing 30% in 7 years, from 27 million in 2007 to 35 million+ in 2014, the 2015 Global Human Trafficking Conference, Los Angeles, will convene compelling speakers, provocative panels, specialized break-out sessions, non-profit, law enforcement and government agency exhibitors, and host a reception-mixer and engagement groups in an endeavor to further:

  • Educate & mobilize the public
  • Further the efforts of key figures in media & entertainment
  • Train law enforcement & criminal prosecutors
  • Refine law enforcement, government agency & NGO best practices        
  • Engage & Mobilize the academic, faith & business communities
  • Build critical capacity for attending NGOs

Presenters include top officials from: The U.S. Dept. of Justice, the Dept. of Homeland Security, the Dept. of Labor, FBI, ICAC, LAPD, LBPD, LA County judiciary, Probation Dept., Dept. of Health, and Dept. of Child and Family Services, academic, faith and business leaders, legal and medical professionals, and leading anti-human-trafficking organizations working in Los Angeles and all over the world.

 Who is this conference for?

The Public, Legal and Medical Professionals, Business owners, Corporate Leaders & Supply Chain Executives, the Faith Community, Law Enforcement, Government Agencies, Embassy and Consulate Staff, Transportation Officials and Staff, Students, and Women & Children’s Aid NGOs

What were people saying after the 2012 Global Human Trafficking Conference?

Excellent and inspirational. The highlight of the weekend was the entire conference.

U.S. Dept. of Justice National Coordinator on Human Trafficking (Fmr),
Assistant U.S. Attorney, Deputy Chief, National Security Section

Amazing content!

U.S. Department of Justice, Special Litigation Counsel, Human Trafficking Prosecution Unit, Civil Rights Division

Fantastic; Both educational and motivational. Well done!

Supply Chain Consultant, Former Senior Director of Sustainability Practices, UL Responsible Sourcing

So many incredible minds in one location to discuss these pertinent issues

Executive Director, My Refuge House

Definitely the best anti-trafficking conference I’ve attended. The speakers were great. Very impressive.

Founder, Million Kids; Rapha House, Director of Reintegration

It really gave me a lot of help to know more about Human Trafficking and related issues.

Sr. Immigration Officer, Taiwanese Consulate, Los Angeles

Great conference!  One that really made me rethink some things.

Assoc. Clinical Professor of Psychiatry, UCLA Medical School, Director, Venice
Family Clinic Human Trafficking Program