October 4 – Christian Coalition Meeting

Christians are joining forces to combat the injustice of Human Trafficking!

Join us again, or for the very first time, at the Christian Coalition Against Human Trafficking meeting on October 4th.

 The meeting will be a gathering of world changers like you who are impacting the world with justice!

Ending slavery around the globe and right here at home!

 What to expect:

  • Listen to ideas that can easily be duplicated
  • We will expand on ideas as we work together in teams to be creative and share the ideas with everyone
  • Be prepared to be encouraged and refreshed as you meet others running this race with you
  • Come network with others (business cards welcomed)

 Register today and be sure to invite anyone you know involved in a Christian anti-trafficking group.

 Come 30 minutes early if you would like to join us in prayer as we pray for God’s guidance to end slavery in our world.

 Click Here to Register

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You may also see a web invitation for this same meeting in your in-box which can also be used to access the registration.

 Thank you,

Christian Coalition Against Human Trafficking Steering Committee

Email: [email protected]

One thought on “October 4 – Christian Coalition Meeting

  1. Please email me your next meeting I would like to represent my church the Greater Long Beach Church to be involved.
    Thank you,
    Thelma Nieto

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