November 12-Faith Initiative to Abolish Trafficking


A Community of Faith Coming Together

Los Angeles has one of the highest rates of human trafficking of any city in the US. Churches across LA are coming together to do something about it.

The Faith Initiative to Abolish Trafficking (FIAT) is a gathering of churches who have been called to fight human trafficking in LA. FIAT meets quarterly with members of the Southern CA faith community to share what others are doing in their respective churches to fight trafficking. FIAT hosts powerful workshops, where participants can be trained to be speakers and outreach advocates, learn how to raise awareness and more.

Human Trafficking is taking place right here in Southern California. We’re doing something about it. Join us to end this injustice.

November 12: 9am-1pm (lunch included)

Magnolia Park UMC: 2828 W Magnolia Blvd Burbank, CA

For more information on this important event, please click here.