June 28 – 4th General Assembly, Filipino Migrant Center

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Dear Members and Supporters,
The Filipino Migrant Center is embarking on a new community campaign to support the struggles of low-wage workers who are uniting together to fight against a serious and widespread problem called wage theft that is pushing their families into deeper poverty, and threatening the health and security of our communities.
Wage Theft is an unlawful act of stealing by an employer when they fail to comply with legal requirements regarding working terms and conditions like basic rights to a minimum wage for all hours worked, overtime pay, meal and rest breaks, and the right to be paid in full and on time. It is also considered wage theft when workers are misclassified as “independent contractors” when they should be employees and are subjected to illegal deductions.
Wage Theft affects workers from all backgrounds, both documented and undocumented and they work in different low-wage industries like homecare/homehealth, restaurant, day labor/construction, trucking, and hospitality (hotels). The time is now to stand with these workers, and be part of our campaign to educate workers and the community about basic workers rights and advocate for stronger protections in our workplaces. We call on all our members and supporters to come out on May 10 to be in solidarity with our workers. You do not have to live and work in Long Beach to show your support.

Watch and share the story of Andres, a Long Beach restaurant worker as he shares how wage theft affects him and his family, why he is speaking out, and his message to local elected officials. 

“I decided to talk because my co-workers are scared. Scared of losing their job. I am also scared but someone has to say something because it’s a problem that’s not only happening at the restaurants, it also happens at the hotels, the trucks, those who clean homes, also those who wait in front of Home Depot, the day laborers. They would be made to work but not paid.”

                – Andres