February 28 – More Too Life’s Legacy Extended Event

More Too Life Legacy Extended Event. “Slavery Then and Now” Celebrating African American Heritage Month in MLK Park, 2 blocks from one of the finest Schools in the nation for the arts; Ringling College and 3 blocks in the opposite direction from a community filled with promise, that is still in need of even more love, support and hope for it’s youth as it is near state housing and filled with some of the most promising and beautiful youth I have ever met.

The amazing Danny Buggs is coming from Atlanta (former wide receiver of the Redskins and a wonderful minister, youth mentor and entrepreneur also, my spiritual father Dr. Carroll A. Baltimore, pastor, civil rights leader and former president of the Progressive National Baptist Convention (denominational home of Dr. Martin Luther King) as well as a global philanthropist and missionary will speak along with Rev, Dr. Brook Bello of More Too Life and many others on youth empowerment, culture mind sets, education and Slavery Then & Now with a focus on ending the demand of sexual exploitation against women and children, while empowering mutual respect, community development and being ignited to live a life of love, destiny and innovation!