May 3 – How Gangs are Seducing Teen Girls into Sex Trafficking


 The SEQ HOPE Foundation and Purple Reign Life Skills Center Founders: 

If you missed the last child sex trafficking training on March 29th, we have another one coming!

During the last event, we played a snippet of an interview with a pimp, and the response was overwhelming.  A lot of people have inquired about hearing the interview in its entirety, and we now have a session dedicated to knowledge of sex trafficking straight from the perspective of a former pimp who now is a psychologist.

Everyday, we see new “missing” posters on social media about girls who are missing.  A lot of times, these girls are being lured from their homes by men posing as “young men” who are interested in having a relationship when in reality, they are luring these girls into their “stable” of trafficked teens.

We often think that when a young girl runs away, “she’s fast, so I’m going to teach her a lesson and not go look for her.”  That treatment is one of the reasons why young girls are stuck in a life of trafficking.  Pimps are preying on young girls who don’t have a great relationship with their parents, teens who are neglected at home, teens that are being abused, and teens that are feeling depressed.

You ask me, “Well, how does he know all of that?”
Are her social media accounts wide open for someone to see what she’s posting?  Do you see what she’s posting?  It’s so important to know how to protect your teens from pimps, and it’s also important to know how to prevent the interaction from ever occurring.  Come get informed in this free training.
As seating is limited, RSVP’s are required for this FREE event.