May 10 – End Wage Theft Campaign Launching Event

Good work that our allies, Filipino Migrant Center are working on– The wage theft campaign. Many immigrant and undocumented workers in our country and many of them have been trafficked here from south Asian countries.
They have their campaign on May 10. I’m going to try and make it.
On a side note; I’m blown away when I think how interconnected all these issues are; Environmental Justice to Climate Change, Labor trafficking and the cost of our goods/services going down, and the local economies being affected but low-wage jobs, and then the workers ability to only afford sub-standard housing, and ailing educational systems. We know that sex trafficking statistics can be seen higher in more industrial, plighted neighborhoods that have been ravished by our unaccountable industrial growth.
These are not choices that ‘these people’ necessarily choose. These are choices that “leaders” and “decision makers” make every day that affect the way we have or don’t have access, the way we interact with our built environment, etc.
The issues that impact our communities are not single issues. And they deserve multi-faceted solutions, because we are not single issue people.
Anyway–I’m preaching to the choir, right?
This was just meant to be a reminder/invitation to the FMC event on May 10, not a rant! 🙂
Have a good day, ya’ll.
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