March 20 – The broken road that led to the world of sex trafficking

The Broken Road That Led to the
World of Sex Trafficking

By: Veronica Wright
Author, Speaker, Advocate

Please Join Us
March 20, 2014
7:00 – 8:30 PM
Phebus Home
1955 Port Bishop Place, Newport Beach

Audience everywhere have come to the same conclusion, you can’t hear Veronica’s gripping story of survival from extreme childhood trauma and not have your life radically changed for the better. Noted author (Boxes of secret – A gripping true account of overcoming sexual abuse in a “perfect” christian home) lost everything for daring to “tell all”. Unwilling to be silenced, Veronica was determined to help other victims which led hr to an incredible journey to the world of sex trafficking. Veronica continues to share her story and empower others how they can get involved and make an impact to help eradicate this perverse crime.

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