For Immediate Action! All it takes is a letter from you!

Councilmember Patrick O’Donnell is presenting a recommendation to the LB City Council on Tuesday evening and needs our help!!

The recommendation is to follow the lead of the LA County Board of Supervisors to support tougher penalties for those who solicit sex from minors (i.e. johns).  O’Donnell wants to enable staff to lobby the California Legislature to increase penalties for the solicitors, including creating a felony charge, increased monetary penalties and requiring them to register as sex-offenders.

For more information, attached is the recommendation and press release from O’Donnell’s office.

What we need to do:

1.            Have your organization write a letter of support and send to O’Donnell’s office by 10:00 AM Tuesday morning.
2.            Contact your own council member and let them know you support this recommendation.
3.            Join us at the City Council meeting on Tuesday evening.  The meeting starts at 5:00 PM and this is item #17 on the agenda.  We can all sit together to show a strength in numbers.

Here is the mailing address and fax number and email to send letters:

Council member Patrick O’Donnell

City of Long Beach
333 W. Ocean Blvd.
Long Beach, 90802
562-570-5235 (copy him on the email as he’s handling this issue)

Here is a sample of what your organization can say in the letter of support:

On behalf of ORG NAME, I am writing to inform you of our position of support for the Sex Trafficking of Minors recommendation, related to human trafficking and the increased penalties for individuals paying a minor for sex.

Human trafficking is a fast, growing concern in our country and is second only to drug trafficking in terms of profitable crimes.  California, and specifically the South Bay area, is one of the top destinations for human trafficking.  Children, who are victims, are often prosecuted for prostitution while little is done to the solicitor.Thank you for bringing forth this issue to City Council and helping stop sex trafficking in our community.