March 20-22 – Fair Trades Campaign

In March 2020, Fair Trade Campaigns will host our annual National Conference in Pasadena, CA. The event will convene campus advocates and community organizers, representatives from sustainable brands and change-making organizations, and local and global leaders in the Fair Trade movement.
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November 9- Father-Con 2019

Compelling presentations and conversation for fathers, future fathers and father figures to raise awareness and celebrate the significance of fatherhood and to frame fathers as the first line of prevention of human trafficking. Brought to you by Father-Con and the nonprofit sponsorship of the YWCA Harbor Area and South Bay.

“Fathers can hardly be expected to maintain a belief in their importance when they are continually being told of their irrelevance, other than as economic supporters of the family unit” Michael Lamb Prof of Psychology Univ. of Cambridge
Father-con 2019 on Nov. 9th. Get relevant!

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